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Hi. I'm Aleza Freeman, the author of Chutzpah.

I’m a Las Vegas-based journalist turned copywriter turned journalist turned freelance writer, among other things. Curious about my professional background? See my writing portfolio.

On a personal level, I’ve created and curated content, in some form or another, since I was a kid.

Chutzpah is my first email newsletter.


Chutzpah is an old Yiddish word that’s pronounced with a guttural ch-sound, followed by oot (rhymes with foot) and spa. It means different things to different people, both positive and negative. Definitions vary widely by dictionary.

I prefer to think of chutzpah as bravery in the face of or adversity like David and Goliath or Kung Fu Panda.

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Chutzpah is a weekly digest of offbeat and fact-based features, written by me. Each week takes on a new theme—such as “Green” or “Resilience”—intended to make you think or smile (or both).

Plus, chutzpah is a fun word to say.

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Aleza Freeman

Journalist turned copywriter turned journalist turned freelance writer